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Academic adjustments

Academic adjustments are possible for the accommodation of individual disadvantages and hardships, which can result from specific circumstances in life.

All course and examination regulations of the TU Berlin include a disadvantage compensation for handicapped and chronically ill students. This academic adjustment includes specialized and individual opportunities. It is connected with the illness or disability of the student. Basically, there is no claim to a certain form of academic adjustment. The examination committee or the chairperson has a wide margin of discreation in deciding what form it will take. They usually follow the recommendations of the student’s physician. Examples of academic adjustments.

You will have to apply in writing for a modification of the examination conditions at the respective chairperson in due time to enable the examiner to organize a different examination setting (e.g. longer duration or a substitute room in which the written examination will take place, and to arrange for a proctor). Here you can find assistance for an application for academic adjustments.

In order to apply for academic adjustments during your studies and at examinations you will have to prove that you are not able to fulfil the required achievements your course and examination regulations specify due to your chronic illness or disability. In case of health-related restrictions that are not readily apparent you will have to present a certificate issued by a medical specialist. A severely handicapped card is not sufficient as documentary proof for the “disability relevant for the examination”. In case you hesitate to contact your examination committee, or you are not sure which kind of compensation should be applied, please consult us, and we will give support.

The claim to academic adjustments / compensation for disadvantages is not noted in the bachelor/master certificate and is voluntary. An approved application for academic adjustment does not have to be made.





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