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Academic adjustment

Academic adjustments are possible for the accommodation of individual disadvantages and hardships, which can result from specific circumstances in life. Your use of any academic adjustments is not recorded on your certificates or transcript of records and is voluntary. You are not required to make use of a granted application for academic adjustment.

Who is eligible?

According to Section 67 of the General Study Regulations, students can apply for academic adjustments due to:

if they are unable to complete the coursework or examinations in the prescribed format.


Forms of academic adjustment can include

For coursework:

  • Flexible submission deadlines for homework, reports, term papers, etc.
  • Modification to the attendance requirements in courses, labs, field trips, etc. such as through the option to complete suitable alternative work
  • Modification to group work, e.g. Allowing groups with students entitled to academic adjustment more time to complete their work or increasing the respective group size by one

For examinations or assessments:

  • Increasing time for exams/written exams by ...%
  • Possibility to take ... breaks of ... minutes for all exams until the end of bachelor’s/master’s studies
  • A separate examination room which can be shared by a few other candidates
  • Modifications to practical examinations, if necessary, the use of assistants (e.g. sign language interpreters, study assistant) and/or additional technical aids

How do I submit an application for academic adjustment?

The application is two-part:

  1. The application for academic adjustment and
  2. Required proof, such as a medical certificate or statement from a psychotherapeutic professional

Please submit your application to the examination board responsible for the degree program you are enrolled in. Applications should be submitted to the examination board with sufficient time for lecturers to modify the exam and study conditions.

Due to the current pandemic, please send your application and supporting documents from your TU email account as a PDF file directly to the examination board.

Applying for academic adjustment

You can use the application form provided by your examination board, which you can find on your institute’s website. You can find the link to the examination board on the overview pages for the degree programs.

If such a form is not available, you may submit your application with our sample application form.

What to include in your application:

Please describe your symptoms and how they impact your ability to study. For example, you may experience a “reduced ability to concentrate” due to an illness or as a side effect of medication you are taking. Your medical diagnosis does not need to be included. 

  • Include possible academic adjustments which would compensate for your individual impairment(s).
  • Students can request one or more modifications to coursework and/or assessments (further examples of academic adjustments).
  • You must include the module(s), semester, and type of degree program (bachelor’s/master’s), for which you require academic adjustment.
  • Sign and submit your application together with the supporting documents. 

Content of expert opinion

The grounds for your request – disability and/or chronic illness(es) – must be confirmed by a medical certificate or statement from a psychotherapeutic professional.

The medical certificate or statement must contain the following:

  • The estimated duration of the illness
  • Medical findings/symptoms of the illness (understandable for laypersons)
  • The impairment resulting from the illness (including, for example, side effects of medication, extent of treatments at the expense of time for study)
  • Recommendation for one/multiple compensations for disadvantages and their scope, e.g. …% more time for written exams; ensuring … breaks each lasting … minutes during exams (which are longer than 90/…min)
  • If applicable, a recommendation to permit aids in the form of …
  • Date of medical examination, stamp and signature of the physician/psychotherapist

The medical or psychotherapeutic findings form the foundation on which the examination board makes it decision. For this reason, the symptoms of the illness and their effects on the student’s ability to perform should be described in detail. The medical diagnosis does not need to be included. Naming the diagnosis can be useful in individual cases if it also describes the symptoms of the illness. However, the patient must consent to this.

A disability ID is not required and is not sufficient on its own.

What happens after I submit my application?

The relevant examination board will inform you of their decision regarding your application. Your application can either be approved (possibly in modified form) or denied.

If your application is approved

Your application will either be approved fully as submitted or the form(s) of academic adjustment(s) will have been modified and this modification approved. You may then make use of the academic adjustment. If the modification does not compensate for disadvantages, however, please contact our advising team.

If you would like to make use of the academic adjustment, you must inform each lecturer independently in the courses in which you wish to take examinations of the approved academic adjustment and agree on modified study and examination conditions. Otherwise the right to academic adjustment does not exist.

If your application is denied

Please contact our advising team if your application is denied.

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