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Special applications are sent directly to the university.

The current status of the forms can be found on the pages of the Student Services of the TU Berlin. If you have any questions regarding your application, special applications or enrollment, please contact the team Undergraduate admission.

Please note the application periods for the summer and winter semester: Deadlines Admission and enrollment


Request for Consideration of an Improved Average Grade

Requirements: If, for example, you were ill for a long period of time, and before your illness you always had average grades of 2.0 but then only got a 2.5 on your final certificate because of illness and absences, show proof of this with a medical certificate and a certified copy of your school transcripts from the last three years. If the transcripts do not clearly show that your performance in school was better before the illness, then you will need to get a report from your school. In this report, the school must, by considering the overall development of your performance in each subject, credibly show what grade could have been expected without the impairment.

Antrag auf Verbesserung der Durchschnittnote (PDF, 107,8 KB) (Additional application form for compensation of disadvantage: GPA-Improvment)



Request for Determining the Waiting Period at an Earlier Point in Time

Requirements: If, for example, you completed secondary school in 2017 but were sick for a year before that, in other words if you would have finished a year earlier if not for your illness, then you can be credited with two waiting semesters. Here, as with the request for improving the average grade, you must not only show proof of your illness but you must also submit a certificate from your school showing the reason and duration of the delay in completing secondary school.

Antrag auf Verbesserung der Wartezeit (PDF, 107,2 KB) (Additional application form "Wartezeitverbesserung")

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Hardship request

The TU Berlin reserves up to 5% of its university spots in degree programs with a limited number of spots for applicants for whom it would cause extraordinary hardship if they did not receive a university spot.

At the same time as you apply for a spot at the TU Berlin, you can submit a hardship request due to disability / chronic illness

  • if your disability / chronic illness limits you in your choice of career. (Other subjects cannot be considered or only with limitations due to your illness / disability)   

  • if you do not have the possibility to use the waiting time productively due to your disability / illness (e.g. because of your disability you cannot do any physically demanding jobs or internships)
  • if your current state of health could get worse and you might not be able to complete your studies at a later point in time (e.g. with Multiple Sclerosis)
  • if you can show proof that you had to give up your previous job or studies due to a new serious chronic illness or disability.
  • if you are limited to Berlin due to your illness / disability.

Psychological illnesses, addictions, or specific learning disorders such as ADHD or dyslexia usually do not fulfill the criteria for a hardship case.


For a hardship request, one of the five criteria is sufficient. However, your chances of having your request accepted increase if more than one criteria is met. The evaluation is strict - the medical certificate is very important!

In your hardship request, you will need to include a medical certificate from a specialist doctor - a severely disabled ID is not sufficient. Here you can find assistance for what your specialist doctor needs to write.

The certificate must describe the diagnosis, reason for the illness and course of the illness up to now, the prognosis, possibilities for treatment, and limitations due to the disability. It must confirm that the criteria you have listed for your hardship case are met and that immediate admission is absolutely necessary from a medical perspective. The certificate must be able to be understood by medical laypeople.

If your request is accepted, you will be given preferential admission before all other applicants regardless of your average grade in secondary school. The ranking is determined by the degree of extraordinary hardship.

Please note: You can only submit a hardship request once when applying for your first degree program. If you would like to change your degree program, you can only submit a hardship request if the change in the program is absolutely necessary for health reasons. (For example if you study chemistry and have to change because of a new, serious allergy). It is thus very important to choose the right degree program!


In addition to the health conditions, there are other criteria that might apply to you (economic, family and other circumstances). Please read the "hardship case form": Härtefallantrag (PDF, 48,5 KB) (Additional application form for special consideration request)



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