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Assistance for your doctor in writing the medical certificate

The letterhead should be from the specialist’s practice

Upon the request of the applicant (name, address, date of birth), I have written this medical certificate as a specialist doctor on whether the applicant’s situation represents an extraordinary hardship that necessitates the applicant’s immediate acceptance into the chosen degree program from a medical perspective.

I have been Mr./Ms. ....’s doctor since ..... .

If applicable: Due to long hospital stays / times of illness, the secondary school diploma was delayed by ..... years.

Reason and time the disability started, diagnosis, consequences: (e.g. car accident and consequences, serious illness and consequences)

If applicable: The Pension Office (Versorgungsamt) determined on .... (date)... that there is a ..... degree of disability.

Treatment possibilities and prognosis: (medication therapy and side effects, if applicable new flare-ups of the illness, if applicable progressive course of the illness, if applicable deterioration could occur).

From a medical perspective, it appears to be urgently necessary for the applicant to be given the opportunity to immediately start their desired degree program ..... at Technische Universität Berlin.

  • If applicable: The state of health is sufficiently stable at the present time to allow the applicant to start and complete a degree program. Due to the prognosis of the course of the illness described above, however, there is doubt as to whether the health requirements for studying will still be met after a longer waiting period.
  • If applicable: Due to the severity of the disability/illness, it is not possible to make sensible use of a possible waiting period, e.g. with internships or time abroad. (e.g. physically demanding work could lead to a worsening of health and must be avoided, due to ongoing specialist treatment it is not possible to go abroad).
  • If applicable: Due to a disability, the applicant is restricted in their career choice. (e.g.: He/she cannot do tasks that require a high degree of physical activity. He/she cannot regularly cover longer distances. Or: All professions with a focus on oral communication cannot be done due to the hearing impairment).

  • If applicable: The applicant must stop their previous degree program due to a new (progressively worsening) illness / disability. I hereby confirm that the previous degree program cannot be continued for health reasons and that the applicant must go into a new profession.

Studying at the TU Berlin is the next step in professional rehabilitation and is absolutely necessary.

I hereby confirm that the following criteria for hardship admission 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 (please leave out the ones that are not applicable) are met, and that they therefore fulfill the conditions for extraordinary hardship.

Place and Date
Type of Specialist
Doctor’s Signature

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