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Accessible campus

Lichthof von oben

Half of the University’s buildings are more or less fully accessible for wheelchair users. However, they are not completely accessible in the sense that they are open to everyone, regardless of any disability. TU Berlin endeavors to make the whole University accessible. Many buildings have already been adapted. However, there remains much to do. If you are unable to access the lecture room reserved for your class because it is not wheelchair accessible, the course will be moved to a different room. We can assist you with all questions and concerns.

Additionally, you can find out before the semester starts whether your lecture halls are accessible, what kind of technical equipment is available, and how to best access the room if there is a special entrance for wheelchair users. 

We recommend familiarizing yourself with your faculty, institutes, lecture halls, and the campus at the start of your studies. It makes a difference whether you find information online or in brochures or find out for yourself how far away buildings are and how much time you need to get from lecture hall to lecture hall.

You can also arrange an appointment with the Representative for Students with Disabilities that includes a tour.

However, the following pages can provide you with a comprehensive initial overview of the accessibility of TU lecture halls and buildings.

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