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Assessing the accessibility of the University’s buildings and lecture halls is an extensive undertaking.

This page provides directions to the University, a list of quiet rooms, accessible toilets, and a link to a brief overview of the accessibility of lecture halls.  Additionally, individual buildings are listed with links to their own pages, where individual lecture halls are described in detail.  We have included information about technical equipment, rolling capability, the shortest and most accessible routes, and seats for the hearing and visually impaired. Photos are included with all information.

If you notice that the information has changed or if lecture halls are missing, please let us know. We are happy to receive feedback, corrections, and additions.
Please send us an email or call us. Our contact information is on the right hand side of the page.

Directions | How to reach TU Berlin


Because the Ernst-Reuter-Platz subway station does not yet have any elevators, wheelchair users can most easily access the University from S-Bahnhof Tiergarten, which does have an elevator. Accessible buses (X9, M45, and 245) also depart from Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten (also wheelchair-accessible) stopping at Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

For current timetables, please refer to www.bvg.de and go to “Travel information” and then “Accessible search”. We recommend checking beforehand whether any elevators are out of service, for example using the page brokenlifts (a project which aggregates information from VBB, DB, and BVG).

Parking at TU Berlin

You can download the TU Berlin building map where accessible parking has been highlighted. The PTZ, SG, and ES buildings are currently not included on the map.

Accessible parking at TU Berlin

Accessible toilets

At present there are 57 accessible toilets in 31 buildings at the University. 8 are located in the MAR building, 7 in the Main Building, and 5 in the Volkswagen Library. In 10 buildings, restrooms are outfitted with the EURO lock and key system, which will soon be installed in a further 5 buildings. In 14 buildings, the restrooms are accessible without a key.

You can find a detailed summary in the document List of accessible restrooms at TU Berlin and their locking systems.

Quiet Rooms

We know of the following quiet rooms/first-aid rooms:

A 008, ACK 0271, BIB 036 (see note below), C 0038, E-N 0059, EW 0009, F 009, H (ground floor, next to H0105) and H 7126,  MA 449, MAR 0.004, TC (lower level, K111), TIB 17 (entrance 3, 1st floor), VLB (ground floor, C.09.1)

You can sign out a key from the information desk or facility manager. Some keys require a deposit.

BIB 036: Please contact the library staff at the Circulation Department on the ground floor. You will need to present your disability ID, a medical note, or a certificate from the University confirming your academic adjustment.

The TU Berlin Family Services Center maintains a list of all family-child rooms.



Wheelchair accessible lecture halls

The following links provide an overview of which lecture halls are wheelchair accessible and which are equipped with height-adjustable tables:

brief overview of which lecture halls are wheelchair accessible and which are not

Locations of places with space for wheelchairs and adjustable tables.

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Overview of Buildings

Here you can find an alphabetical overview of all University buildings.
The descriptions on the corresponding pages include further details including information about accessibility, paths suitable for wheelchairs, and parking spots. The lecture halls also include information about important architectural details, furniture, and technical equipment.

We would like to thank all the TU’s facility managers who shared with us their time and knowledge in our evaluations.

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