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B, Bauingenieurgebäude
Hardenbergstr. 40, 10623 Berlin
checked for accessibility:
April 2016
floor covering:
Stone slabs and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Access from the side entrance through two automatic doors, then turn right.
Handicapped-accessible toilet:
Ground floor
Room B 06 | with EURO-closure
Resting room:
not available
Parking spaces:
2 designated handicapped parking spaces, accessible via Hardenbergstraße.
B Haupteingang mit 3 Treppenstufen
B Haupteingang mit Treppe


The U-Bahn station Ernst-Reuter-Platz is located near the Bauingenieurgebäude (without elevator) and the bus stop with the same name (Ernst- Reuter- Platz) of the lines M45, 245 and X9.

Main entrance to building B (Bauingenieurgebäude) has steps. You can find the side entrance with a ramp on the right side of the main door.

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Gebaeude B Seiteneingang mit Rampe und Automatiktür
Gebaeude B Seiteneingang mit Rampe

Side entrance to building B
The side entrance has a ramp and an automatic door (only for the outside door). With the wheelchair, students pass a toilet suitable for the handicapped, can enter the student café "Planwirtschaft" and an elevator. Mit diesem Aufzug gelangen sie bis in die oberste Etage.


Parking space

Two designated handicapped parking spaces can be reached from Hardenbergstraße. A spot is on the wall to BH-A building,and the other directly next to the ramp to the B building.



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Behindertengerechte Toilette B 06

Handicapped toilet       The toilet is on the left side from the side entrance. It can only be opened with a EURO key. If you do not have a EURO-key, we recommend the toilet nearby the BH-N building. You can borrow a EURO key from the porter, only in cases of emergency.        

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Fahrstuhl Gebäude B mit Spiegelrückwand, niedrigen Bedienelementen, flachem Zugang
B Fahrstuhl

Elevator The elevator is sleeperless. The buttons and handles are mounted at a height of one metre. The doors close slowly. On the front side there is a full length mirror, the side walls are made of glass.   On the right side is the staircase and the wheelchair accessible entrance,on the left the student café "Planwirtschaft".

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Beratung für Studierende mit Behinderungen und chronischen Krankheiten
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
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