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A - Architektur

Zugänge und Hörsäle
Straße des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin
Checked for accessibility September 2018:
Building entrances,
lecture rooms A 52, A 53, A 151 and A 60
Floor covering:
Smooth PVC
Access from campus turn right, 3 elevators
turn left, long straight ahead, 2 elevators in flat building
Handicapped toilet:
Ground floor
Room A 021 |with EURO-key
Rest/quiet room:
Room A 008
Parking lots:
Designated handicapped parking spaces, accessible via Straße des 17. Juni.
  • Accessibility
  • Parkplatz und Hintereingang
  • Elevators
  • Toilette mit Wickeltisch
  • Lecture hall A 052
  • Lecture hall A 053
  • Lecture hall A 060


The architecture building can be reached via the Marchstrasse bus stop and the Strasse des 17. Juni.

Only the rear entrance is barrier-free.

Haupteingang A-Gebäude
Lupe [1]

Main entrance

The main entrance of the building is not barrier-free. There are several steps and a steep ramp. If you are coming from the Zoologischer Garten or from the bus stop Marchtsrasse, please use the entrance road via Straße des 17. Juni.
In front of the main entrance there is a signpost on a white post. On the blue sign with white color you can see "Entrance A-Building" with an arrow (see picture "Main Entrance A-Building").

Parkplatz und Hintereingang

Einfahrt zum Parkplatz und Hintereingang
Lupe [2]

In front of the entrance there is a sign indicating the handicapped parking area and the entrance (see picture "Entrance to parking area and rear entrance").

Lupe [3]

Parking lot

If you follow the entrance, you will reach thehand. There is also a sign on the handicapped parking area showing the way to the barrier-free entrance.

Baum vor dem Eingang
Lupe [4]
Lupe [5]

Back entrance

Once you have passed the handicapped parking area, follow the road straight ahead and turn left. Then you will reach a tree, where you turn left.

The entire path is covered with slabs and cobblestones.

The entrance is 150 cm wide. The automatic door button is located at a height of 100 cm.


3 Aufzüge beim Pförtner
Lupe [6]

If you have used the back entrance, there are three elevators on the right side next to the gatekeeper's lodge. The elevators are 100 cm wide and the buttons are placed at a height of 90 cm. There are mirrors in all three elevators, but no handrails.

Toilette mit Wickeltisch

Toilette A 021
Lupe [7]
Weg zur Toilette A 021
Lupe [8]

The handicapped toilet can be used with a Euro key. If you do not have a key, you can borrow the key from the doorman. The toilet is located in the corridor on the right between the elevators and a wall. The corridor is not well lit.

Lecture hall A 052

A 052
Auditorium area:
HB 1
Checked for accessibility:
Wheelchair accessible, left from campus main entrance
Flat strip
Seating arrangement:
Loose seating
Floor covering:
Wheelchair seating spaces:
not marked, but space enough
Technical equipment:
Projector screen

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linke Tür: A052, rechte Tür: A053
Lupe [9]
Hörsaal A 52, mit Rollstuhl zu
Hörsaal A 52, mit Rollstuhl zu erreichen
Lupe [10]

Der Hörsaal A 052 befindet sich nach dem berrierefreien Eingang auf der linken Seite.A 052 ist rollstuhlgerecht, die Bestuhlung ist lose.

The auditorium A 052 entrance is handicapped accessible on the left side.
A 052 is handicapped wheelchair accsessible, lose seating.

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Lecture hall A 053

A 053
Lecture hall area:
HB 1
Checked for accessibility:
Wheelchair accessible, ground floor, left from campus main entrance
Entrance :
Flat, top only
Seating arrangement:
Flat ascending with steps
Floor covering:
Wheelchair seating spaces:
not marked, possible in the last row
Technical equipment:
OHP, beamer, fixed, internet: Windows Linux
Places for the visually and hearing impaired:
In the first row in the middle

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A 053 Markierte Sitzplätze in der ersten Reihe mittig
Lupe [11]
A053 Rollstuhlstellplatz
Lupe [12]
Lupe [13]
Lupe [14]
Lupe [15]

Lecture Hall A 053,
wheelchair acccessible,
see table above.

A wheelchair can be placed in the last row on the left.

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Lecture hall A 060

A 060
Main entrance:
via wheelchair lift
Lecture hall area:
HB 1
Checked for accessibility:
Access via campus, ground floor left side, automatic door and wheelchair accessible, 3 steps to be climbed with a lift
Back entrance:
except entrance flat
Floor covering:
No marks
Technical equipment:
OHP, Projektionswand, Verdunkelung, Wasser
Places for the visually and hearing impaired:
Keine markiert

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Eingang A060 mit Hinweisschild zum Rollstuhllift
Lupe [16]
Rollstuhllift im A 060
Lupe [17]
Raum A 60 ist nicht Rollstuhlgerecht,
da Treppen am Eingang
Raum A 060
Lupe [18]

If you want to visit room A060, you will need a key for the wheelchair lift. You can pick it up from the doorman.

The room is located in the back left part of the building. The entrance is dark. There are 4 steps behind the door and a wheelchair lift. The lift works with the key. There's a remote, his allows the lift to be raised and lowered.

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Beratung für Studierende mit Behinderungen und chronischen Krankheiten
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
Beratung per E-Mail sowie
telefonisch nach
Vereinbarung via
barrierefrei@tu-berlin.de [19]
Website [20]
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